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When Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc hit the UK shelves in the mid 1980's it was as if a new style of wine had landed from another planet! Bold, brash, in your face tropical fruit  was a massive contrast to the lean, green and genteel Sauvignons of the Loire. The original 'Sunshine in a Glass' was born!


Almost 40 years later and Sauvignon Blanc still dominates all other NZ varieties and Marlborough overshadows all other regions, but if you do scratch beneath the surface and look deeper or further afield, there are a plethora of top quality wines waiting to be tasted! 🤣


We will taste an extremely drinkable and typical NZ riesling from Nelson ( a small, high quality wine region just along the coast from Marlborough) and a half bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Isabel estate in Marlborough.

For Reds we will head to the North Island and taste a Merlot from Hawkes Bay (a region more famed for bigger reds such as Merlot, Cabernet and  Syrah) and finish with a world-class Pinot Noir from Martinborough (another small high quality wine region famed for Pinot, near Wellington)


A fantastic line-up of wines, I hope you can join us to Discover New Zealand


Taste 4 Wines (1.5  x whites, 2 x Red)

Discover New Zealand - More than just Sauvignon... Fri 17th May 8pm(Platinum)

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