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Join us on one of our Award Winning Wine Tasting Experience Days in

central Birmingham- a fantastic way to Learn about wine...


Taste a great Selection of 15 quality wines and Enjoy a 3 course food & wine matching lunch, at the fantastic Bank Restaurant


Book one of our Fun Birmingham Wine Tasting Days Now

Taste a Great Selection of 15 Wines, enjoy a 3 Course Food & Wine Matching lunch, It's an Award Winning Day out at a Superb Venue: Private Glass Room at Bank Restaurant

Celebrating 18 YEARS!


Our Birmingham Wine-Tasting Courses are Award Winning days out learning about wine in a relaxed and fun environment - suitable for everyone from the absolute beginner through to budding wine enthusiast. It's a full on Wine Tasting Experience Day - tasting 15 wines and learning and talking about wine including an exceptional 3 course Food & Wine matching lunch.


We continue to host our Birmingham Wine Courses at the fantastic Bank Restaurant at Brindley Place as we have done for the last 17years - great food & service to compliment our day of Wine Tasting! Choose from the following Wine Tasting Experiences - 'World of Wine' and ' Vine to Wine' and occasionally we have 'Old World', or 'New World' specific days too  (details below).


Our Birmingham Wine Tasting Experiences make the Perfect Gift for the Wine-Lover - a full range of  Wine-Tasting Gift vouchers are available.


Our Birmingham Wine Tasting Days start at 11:00am and finish at approx 4pm




Birmingham Wine Tasting Experience Day

  • (11am - 4pm)

    Sat 20th Apr - Old World Wine

    Sat 18th May - Vine to Wine

    Sat 29th June - World of Wine


    More Dates being added soon


    A great 'all rounder'  Wine-Tasting Course. You'll look at wine in a whole new well as sniffing and tasting it!  While tasting 15 wines you'll learn how region, climate, winemaking techniques and many other factors affect  the final wine in the bottle. You'll learn about many of the major wines from around the world and the key characteristics of each. This course will set you in the right direction to finding the wines you enjoy, choosing wines in restaurants and before you know it you'll have caught the wine bug and want to learn more!         

    Taste 6 Whites in the Morning

    3 Course Food & Wine Matching Lunch

    Taste 6 Reds in the Afternoon 


    Vine to Wine


    Focusing on the major grape varieties this workshop will enable you to understand why your Chablis tastes so different to that 'Aussie' Chardonnay and why some people prefer a Merlot to a Malbec. 

    As with the World of Wine you'll learn how to taste and analyse the wines and will sample 15 different wines and enjoy a 3 course lunch. Running 11am - 4pm

    • Discover how wine is made and how that affects what you see, smell and taste in your glass. Understand the differences in how white wine, red wine and rose are made.
    • Taste and compare wines side by side to really see the differences in styles.
    • Compare oaked and unoaked white wines – How are ‘unoaked’ wines made and what does ‘oaked’ really mean?
    • Start the afternoon with a glass of fizz! You will learn how Sparkling wine is made – what gives the wine it’s fizz and why does Champagne differ from Prosecco, Cava etc.
    • Finish the day with a glass of Port! Learn how fortified wines (Port, Sherry, Madeira) are made and what the key differences are between a Ruby Port, LBV and Vintage (apart from price!)
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